New Year's Eve in Merimakasiini

New Year’s Eve in Merimakasiini!

You are also welcome to pick-up seafood bag to be enjoyed at home. Read more here.

Time: 31.12.2021
Open 11:00 – 18:00
Regular à la carte -menu available.
New Year’s Menu available.

Price: 5 courses New Year’s menu 59€/person (drinks not included).

Bookings: Via this link




Fresh Fin de Claire oyster with Mignonette & vodka-orange granite and fresh Arctic Ocean shrimps with lime mayo L, G


Beetroot, egg & roe L, (G)


Blue mussels in our legendary creamy white wine sauce L, (G)


Smoked Finnish arctic char with broccoli & sauerkraut Beurre Blanc L, G
Finnish beef tenderloin with garlic potatoes & pepper sauce L, G


Dark chocolate mousse with berries & white chocolate L, G

Menu price 59€

Wine package 45€